BID Update – Business Meeting 23rd September 6.15pm


Open meeting at Poneke Rugby Club
For members of the Kilbirnie business community

The Kilbirnie Business Network is committed to establishing Kilbirnie as a key economic force across the Wellington region. To help achieve this, we have requested the Wellington City Council undertake a Business Improvement District (BID) establishment poll on our behalf. The poll will commence on the 14th of September and finish on the 2nd October. If successful, the Kilbirnie Business Network will become a Business Improvement District.

We invite you to join us at this open meeting to hear more details about this exciting opportunity for Kilbirnie -

  • Learn more about the planned focus of the Kilbirnie Business Improvement District and how it’s going to deliver value
  • Understand clearly what this will mean for you as a business or property owner in Kilbirnie
  • Hear from two business owners operating from the long standing BID Jackson Street Petone and a newer one Enterprise Miramar about the value to their organisations have provided for their respective members

We will be happy to answer any question you may have about the BID.

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Bay Road Activity


Great to see through combined efforts of Police, Council and Social agencies Bay Road is a much more friendly place to visit. Several retailers are reporting more tills ringing which is the key result we all want.

Remember the need for continued reporting so the agencies will maintain this effort. Police crime line 381-2000 WCC 24hr call centre 4994444 or free txt 3400.
Also want to acknowledge business support and especially Keiran from NZ Post/KiwiBank for her efforts with liquor ban.

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BID Workshops


Over 30 businesses and property owners took part in the recent BID workshops at Poneke Rugby Club Rooms. Consultant Colin Bass feed back the issues raised from interviews he conducted and participants added their perspectives and key issues for the future of Kilbirnie business. Following a meeting of the ‘champions group’ this week all businesses will have an opportunity to input new ideas and comment on the forward plan. If you need to know more or want to make a time to discuss BIDs send us an email on

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A Liquor Ban for Kilbirnie ?


Public Meeting
Kilbirnie Community Centre
Tuesday 16th June 7pm

Public Consumption of Alcohol, Begging and Inappropriate Behaviour in the
Kilbirnie Town Centre has disturbed and frightened visitors, residents and
Business owners.

What is involved in implementing a liquor ban, what will it address and are
there other options?

I will be facilitating a public meeting attended by Kilbirnie Police, Wellington
City Council City Safety Officers and Social Support Services.
If you are concerned please attend.




Simon “Swampy” Marsh

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Questions on BID Process


Learn more about BID’s – Open House

As advised in our last Newsletter we have recently received a grant to investigate the Business Improvement District (BID) Model for Kilbirnie.
Whilst we are talking to you as we move about the village, we felt a couple Q & A sessions to understand the model better prior to the forthcoming workshops would be useful. Just pop in for a coffee and chat for 10min or so and get any extra info by the team. Attached also is a Q&A sheet.

This Saturday (16th) afternoon 3 – 4ish
Next Tuesday (19th) 4-30 – 6pm

Both sessions will be at our newest Café – The Skipping Stone, 53 Bay Road, next to Bay Shoes

contact Roger 0221088140


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The BID: You’ve got to know when to walk away…


…You’ve got to know when to run.  The Kilbirnie Business Network started about five years ago as an informal group of Kilbirnie business owners and others with a common interest in the Kilbirnie business environment.

I was a part of the KBN in those earlier days.  I enjoyed the meetings, they were a good way to get to know other local business people.  The group was a community within the larger Kilbirnie community.  We talked about the various challenges we faced and took strength from one another.  The group undertook a number of useful projects.  My own contribution was creating and hosting this website.

I went along to the meetings for a couple of years but dropped out when the focus of the group shifted to engagement with the City Council which didn’t interest me.  When the KBN adopted a formal structure I declined to join the committee or become a signed-up member.

Since then I’ve observed the KBN has shifted it’s centre of gravity yet further towards a focus on council affairs.  None of my concern, you could say; if you don’t wish to be a part of it, don’t.  The good thing about such groups is you can take them or leave them.  Involvement is voluntary.

But this BID is a very different kettle of fish.  It’s a creature you can’t escape.  If you have a business in Kilbirnie and the KBN is successful in pushing this BID through (with the help of the council) you will not have a choice; you will have to pay for the care and feeding of the Business Association, like it or not.

What is this ? A Business Improvement District is a local-government concept.  The idea started overseas.  It’s a geographic district within which all private businesses must pay a special-purpose rate.  Auckland and Wellington each have only a couple of BIDs at present, it’s not that widespread yet.

The rate is separate from and in addition to all other taxes and levies payable by the business.  The Council collects the money from businesses via it’s rates-collection apparatus and pays the money to a Business Association quarterly.  If a Kilbirnie BID does come to fruition I imagine the present KBN will be the nucleus of what becomes the Business Association for the Kilbirnie BID.

So what shape does a BIDs’ Business Association take, how does it spend the funds it receives ?   The Business Association can spend the money how it likes, subject to council approval.  Quoting the Auckland rules: “any activity that supports local economic development” or “…that furthers the objectives of the business association.”

How does this work out in practice ?  Here’s a couple of quotes from an overseas BID which is “…ineffective, expensive and a violation of property owners rights.” – Ted Cassell.  “Unfairly burdens private businesses by exempting non-profits and government” – Councillor Dan Allie.  Adds an “extra layer of bureaucracy” – Councillor Cindy Harris.

Other BIDs overseas have got in deep financial trouble and been dissolved due to accumulated debts.  This despite the controls imposed by City Councils, who require the business association to prepare business plans, annual plans, strategic plans and reports.  Unfortunately all this compliance paperwork and governance and administration overhead does little to protect from failure.

The horror!  The horror! How much would your business pay ? I don’t know if the Wellington City Council has announced the rules that would apply to Kilbirnie.  Aucklands’ rules allow the business association to increase levies up to 10% each year.  Small businesses pay a flat rate, large businesses pay a proportion of their capital value.

Perhaps your conscience tells you you ought to be a part of something like this, regardless of whether the money will be well spent or not.  Nobody wants to be the Grinch.  Remember a BID is not the only way you can give something to your community.  You can contribute as an individual or as a business.  There’s an interesting emerging practice called civic crowdfunding, based on voluntary contribution.

A centre for ants ? I’d be overstating the situation if I said this BID represents a ravaging of the human soul and spirit and the end of civilisation as we know it.  Not even slightly.  All the same, we shouldn’t dismiss the sight of the KBN attempting to transform itself from a King Log into a King Stork as a trivial spectacle of no account.

Next time you’re gazing at an empty Google search box with time to kill, why not do a little research of your own on the subject of BIDs.  I admit it’s a struggle to think of a good reason why you should bother; it’s a dry topic and maybe not the best dinner-party conversation starter, but you’ll be making the world a very slightly better place.

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Kilbirnie Businesses look to their future
The Kilbirnie Business Network have recently received a boost to enable support for business leaders in planning for the future growth of the suburb’s 200+ businesses.
The WCC grant will allow the busy hands-on business owners to employ two contractors to fully investigate the BID model which if successfully implemented would give the Business Network the resources to promote Kilbirnie to fully reach its potential as the key business hub for eastern Wellington. The BID Policy (Business Improvement District) was introduced by Wellington City Council in 2013 and is a way local businesses can pool funds to invest in projects and improvements that will support economic development in their respective centres. Currently Miramar & Khandallah have established BIDs and the other best known example in the Region is Petone’s Jackson Street.

Roger Tweedy a locally based community economic development specialist will act as ‘Project Coordinator” working closely with the businesses ‘on the street’ on a day to day basis. He will supported by specialist economic development company, the Business Lab, who will conduct the formal research and develop the business case for the potential BID. Colin Bass who will lead this aspect of the work was also engaged in developing the successful Enterprise Miramar BID.
“It has become very hard for business owners to assist promote the Village on top of their ‘day jobs’ and a more sustainable model must be found for Kilbirnie to reach its full potential says Kilbirnie Network chair Bruce Welsh”
Geoff Kiddle, Unichem Pharmacy ph. 3879254 Project Champion – Chair of BID Steering Group
Roger Tweedy 0221088140

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Great Website for small business


beestings -
short, sharp and to the point
Full of useful hints and business ideas

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Review Meeting – Community Festival


Looking for feedback on Festival and its future
Wednesday 18th March 5.30 pm at Bruce’s office – 2 Rongotai Rd upstairs. Wednesday

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Kilbirnie Festival 2015


The new and improved Kilbirnie festival is being held on Sunday 1st March this year from 10.00 to 4.00.

This year the focus is on local people and sports.  Come and enjoy.

For details see


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