Plaza Pizzeria

Plaza Pizzeria Menu (August 2011) Plaza Pizzeria welcomes you for 2013 Building on our successful remodel completed around 2 years ago, we are now in the process of freshing up our interior again.  You will find our new booth window seating – easily seating 6 adults each  – we also have new comfortable black chairs in the main downstairs seating area.  We have brightened up our feature wall and are proud to support local artist, Peter Zlatkoff, by displaying his great and diverse artwork.  All displayed artwork is also for sale. You will notice, over the next few months, we will be commencing our feature mural, we had planned this for some time, so we hope to bring some middle eastern/mediterrean flavour to the cafe and hope to provide some wonderful views for our customers to enjoy.  Our mezzanine floor, has a lockable child proof gate and is perfect for private functions, with air conditioning. Our TV entertainment has been diversified to include playing of a diverse range of music and we intend to commence playlists of video clips -  this will include an international flavours of music, drawing on the diversity of our staff and local community.

Plated Kebab Meal

Breakfast menu is extended & available from 6.30am weekdays, 7.00am on Saturdays and 8.00am Sundays. Wood fired pizza is available from 11.00am till late 7 days, with the lunch menu available from 10.00am.  Lunch includes freshly prepared lebanese kebabs (using Halal meat) & vegetarian falafels, through to pasta  – all available 7 days till late……Phone 387 8888 Phone orders & group bookings  no problem – Speak to Nick & the team….!

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7 Responses to Plaza Pizzeria

  1. Kelley Braddock says:

    These are DELICIOUS!!! The team at HEADSTART HAIR DESIGN highly recommend them!

  2. Cafe Critic says:

    this has to be one of my favourite cafes ive visited in wellington. on my visit from melbourne i experienced a really nice lunch there that blew me away with the flavours they used and the service i got there was tip top sharp. i could go on for hours how amazing it is but its best for you to go in try for yourself

  3. John says:

    Amazing pizza. Best in wellington without a doubt. That base is awesome.

  4. Christoph says:

    Hi Niclas,
    Was good to cu ,and catch up.
    Awesome webside, congratulations to your buisness success,
    your coffee awesome too, I will come again, you need a facebook account for your buisness too, so I can sign , Like, for you
    Take cake
    pc- ACC yeah, people,unbeliebable,yeah,ha

  5. Paula Lamb says:

    Best date scones in Wellington!

  6. Louise says:

    The Mexican pizzas are absolutely delicious! The pizzas come with free gelato (lots of different flavours to choose from). I also love the kebabs – they are very flavoursome. There’s lots more on the menu and they have a cabinet with ready made sweet and savouries.

    Definitely go and check the place out if you haven’t been yet.

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