What's Happening

View Kilbirnie through an inspired artistic lens and experience a striking splash of colour. Go for a walk and join the Kilbirnie mural movement.

Starting from the north, Kilbirnie's newest mural, 'Te Taiao' by artist Miriama Grace-Smith is located on Tacy street and depicts the birds and marine life that inhabit the Wellington coastline and sea.

This maximus mural can be found on the wall facing the EBIS netball courts.

rsz mural miriama small

Head south, cross onto Rongotai Road and you will see the first of two geometric murals by artist David H. Brown. 'Cause and Effect' wrapping around the Wellington Electricity building.

Mural substation    cause and effect 2

These works were inspired by the seismic history of the local terrain and how influential this now is to the settlement of Kilbirnie. Both 'Te Taiao' and 'Cause and Effect' were commissioned by the Kilbirnie Business Network.

Bear towards Bay Road and walk south taking in the five framed murals by Timon Maxey on the Countdown wall; these depict different scenes from the surrounding area.

kilbirnie countdown 94196 18 page

Across to Coutts Street and look up to the Kilbirnie Liquor Centre south-facing wall where you will see the second David H. Brown mural (shown above)

Staying on Coutts Street, near the Dairy you will see two murals, 'Memories of the tramway' and 'Memories of the Rongotai Speedway' by artist Sheyne Tuffery.

coutts st rongotai speedway detail 771  kilbirnie tram

Take a moment and walk over to Mahora Street to check out a colourful mural, commissioned by Dwell Housing Trust to complement its beautiful community housing project.

Mahora Street Electricity Box mural

Mural WalkThanks to Resene and Wellington City Council for their support and huge contributions towards these projects, and to all the businesses and landlords involved.