Kilbirnie Mural Walk

View Destination KRL through an inspired artistic lens and experience a striking splash of colour. Go for a walk and join our mural movement. 

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Eastern Bays Bulletin

Eastern Bays Bulletin - our popular new community magazine.  The Eastern Bays Bulletin is all about living, working and shopping in Kilbirnie and surrounding areas

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Free things to do

Here are some free things to do in Kilbirnie.  With two bays, there’s always something free to do in the fresh air out here.


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Santa Parade 2022 - register now!

Ta da!  Santa Parade
It is time to register for the Santa Parade!  Let’s make it the best one ever as there are some littlies out there who have never seen Santa before, and our Parade is such a delight for all to see! 

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2022 Santa Parade Rules and Regulations

SANTA PARADE REGULATIONS – Sunday 4th December 2022

Destination KRL (previously Kilbirnie Business Network) invites all pre-schools, churches, schools, clubs, and businesses to participate in the Santa Parade at 10.30am on Sunday 5th December 2021

While the event is a fun-filled activity, we must ensure that all participants act in a safe manner, ensuring the safety of those involved in the parade and spectators.

It is imperative that ALL participants are aware of these rules.

  1. FLOAT PLACEMENT & ASSEMBLY AREA - The assembly area is Mahora Street, where space will be allotted to your corresponding parade order number. You will receive this number and confirmation of assembly time for your particular float a week or so before the parade. Please arrive at the time allotted.
  2. MARSHALLS – Floats and participants must comply with any requests from marshalls.
  3. PARADE ROUTE - The parade will begin at 10.30am sharp. Leaving the assembly area on Mahora Street, it will travel left onto Rongotai Road, passing Onepu Road and left into Bay Rd where the public will be eagerly awaiting the parade. At the junction of Bay Rd / Coutts St the parade itself ends but we recommend that vehicles proceed back to the assembly area on Mahora Street to safely dismount.
  5. NO WATER PISTOLS / WATER BALLOONS / SILLY STRING/ TO BE PART OF YOUR PARADE ENTRY – Nothing is to be thrown from the float at any time toward spectators or other parade participants.
  6. SWEETS AND GIVE AWAYS – Lollies and giveaways may be handed to spectators by those walking alongside your float - NO throwing of any type of material from any float will be permitted.
  7. SPEED – We anticipate the speed will be no more than 5km per hour. Vehicles will need to note those individuals around the vehicles when embarking, disembarking and leaving within the assembly / disembarking area. Drivers and float managers are to be most aware of the movement of people including parade participants.
  8. RATIO OF CARE – Ratios as follows must apply.
    • Children aged between 8-14 years – 1 adult per 5 children
    • Children aged between 3 – 8 year - 2 adults per 5 children
    • Children under the age of three will not be able to participate in the parade unless actively restrained in the vehicle/float and in approved child restraints, a stroller or similar.
    • Please ensure the children have suitable attire to keep warm/cool etc. throughout the parade time. Ensure snacks and drinks are available should they require them.
  9. WHEN THE PARADE ENDS – Walking participants will finish at the end of Bay Rd / Coutts Street junction.
  10. PARADE REGULATIONS – Submission of an entry form signifies the acceptance of the parade regulations.
  11. DRIVER – The driver of the vehicle is responsible for their load/participants at all times. Both Driver and Float Manager MUST be aware of these rules
  12. FLOAT MANAGER – The float manager is responsible for the people in, on and around the float. Take care to appoint a person who is responsible as the FLOAT MANAGER.
  13. DANGEROUS AND UN-ROADWORTHY FLOATS – All floats must be roadworthy both to and from the parade. ALL vehicles will be checked for current registration and WOF/COF. If you intend using a vehicle outside of the road regulations, please contact us for further advice.
  14. ROAD RULES –Normal road rules DO apply, failure to comply with road rules may result in police action.
  15. ROAD CLOSURES – Will be in place, however, emergency vehicles may need passage at some point. Please be aware of their possible entry.
  16. VEHICLE SIZE – While there may be manoeuvrability issues, please ensure the maximum size is height 3m, width 2.5m, and have no obvious exhaust or fume issues.
  17. COMMON SENSE AND COURTESY – Please use your common sense and ensure enjoyment by all.

  • I have CHECKED and UNDERSTAND the “Parade Regulations”
  • I have RETAINED one full copy of the Parade Regulations to be housed in the vehicle on the day of the parade.

You can download a copy of these Rules and Regulations, here.

Destination KRL would like to thank you for participating in our 2022 Santa Parade and hope you have a fantastic experience.

We appreciate your support with this fun community event.

We wish you a happy parade day, and a lovely Christmas.


Final Parade Route and timings